Turning a Struggle Into a Praise!

Photo By Levi Roach
Photo By Levi Roach

During an 8 hour flight my body started to get restless and irritated. Some general thoughts ran through my mind that made my heart respond negatively to the idea of traveling. But I stopped and thought about a verse that should be a reminder of how we should display Christ daily. Paul wrote in Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in The Lord always. Again I will say rejoice.” My mind decided to think deeper into that, rejoicing in all things good or bad. Sure, our bodies were officially exhausted but my spirit was filled with rejoicing.

Photo By: Levi Roach
Photo By: Levi Roach

Once I began to look past what my physical body was telling me I saw what the Holy Spirit was allowing me to see, which was the excitement that I had been looking forward to sense this trip was planned. How many times in life do we get the chance to go outside of our country to be apart of a movement that is completely focused on building God’s kingdom? For a small town girl like me, it’s a once in a lifetime.

So, what’s my personal mission here? Well, through my love for journalism, I want to capture and witness the moments of God’s children beginning to change the world. I know that my life has been changed and made new through worship so getting an opportunity to be behind a camera documenting the proof of God’s power is the most fulfilling mission I could of ever asked for. It is such a gift just to be here but when I labeled it with a mission statement, I quickly began to forget about my sore body,
hurting feet, popping ears, and jet-lag emotions.

Coming to you from Europe,
Kaycee Blackwell

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