Our ministry to the military began when our directors Gail and Bob Kerstetter's only son, Devin, was at basic training at Fort Benning, GA in 2004.  While he was there, he was only permitted to call home once a week, which would coincidentally end up being Sunday afternoons after chapel services.  Through his weekly phone calls home, he would report that chapel was what got him through.  He would talk about all the points of the message he had heard and all the songs they had sung.  He was amazed at how open the recruits were to the gospel.  Through this, God began to plant a seed in Gail's heart to somehow connect our ministry with the military.


But how?  This seemed impossible.  Then God made a way.  Through the networking of a retired Navy Chaplain, invitations began to come for the University Singers to go to several bases and share the gospel through song and testimony.  We first received an invitation to Ft. Jackson and then to Parris Island almost immediately after.  Had it not been for the retired Navy Chaplain's belief in our ministry, none of this would have ever happened.


The military runs deep in the hearts of almost every single person on the team, with family members or friends serving in the American Armed Forces.  Because of this deep military impact, we all understand the cost each person could pay when they sign up, and know that it is truly important for them to know where they are going to spend eternity. What an amazing opportunity that God placed before us.


Military Bases:

The University Singers have been blessed to share the gospel with recruits and those in the Army, Air Force, Navy, and the Marines. Since 2012, The University Singers have had the amazing opportunity to minister to troops at several bases around the United States. Through several Chapel services, the team has shared the gospel message with each and every recruit that has attended. With the help of several chaplains, many troops have accepted Christ as their personal Savior or rededicated their lives to Him. Due to our willingness to say yes to whatever or where ever God has called us to, countless troops have had the great opportunity to stand and say yes to Jesus!