As one of several ministry teams for Southern Wesleyan University, the University Singers have had wonderful opportunities to travel and spread the Word of God to many throughout the country and throughout the world!


Being a part of this team takes a lot of time and dedication, but being a part of God's work means so much more!




If you would like to audition, please fill out the audition form and reference forms (specific details on forms).


To download the forms, click on the links below:


During the audition, we will ask you to...


  1. Perform your prepared selection. (under 5 minutes)
  2. Sing scales to test your range.
  3. Sight read a musical passage of our choice.
  4. Listen to a 5 note melodic passage and sing it back to us without accompaniment to test pitch retention.
  5. Tell us about your musical experiences



Additional Tips for Auditioning:


  1. Come dressed as you would for a job interview.
    • (Guys / suits if you have them, dress pants, ties and shirts)
    • (Ladies / nice pants suit or dress that you would wear to church; ladies make sure your hair is out of your face)
  2. Prepar e a musical selection that best shows off your vocal range in the Christian music genre.
    • Please make your own arrangements for an accompanist for your prepared piece (piano or guitar).   We will supply a CD player for sound tracks.
  3. Be prepared to talk about your spiritual journey and why you would like to be on this team.
  4. Have knowledge of your GPA and academic standing.  Current GPA of 2.0 is required.

Blue Shirts

Excellence in spiritual life and vocal performance is the goal of University Singers.  To ensure we meet our goal, we incorporate “blue shirts” into our team.


Blue shirts are auditioned singers and are members of the “University Singers”, while waiting for a full time position to become available. Blue shirts will be required to attend all rehearsals, learn all repertoire, and may perform with the team at selected events.  Blue shirts will receive the benefit of the musical and spiritual training and will be used as needed for concerts, chapel worship leading or other University Singers duties.  Blue Shirts are required to re-audition for available vocal spots.


University Singers are compensated at a graduated rate.  Blue shirts will be compensated for their training time with University Singers.