University Singer Alumni

Our Alumni are a very special people.  Each group has paved the way for the next to continue in ministry.  While we have always strived for musical excellence, our main priority has always been to passionately sing out our love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Because of this passion many have come to Christ.  We know that every time we stand up and sing – we’re singing on the shoulders of previous University Singers who have given of their time and talents to advance the kingdom of God.


Due to the nature of our ministry and the heavy travel schedule, our teams become like brothers and sisters – and all that entails!


We love it when they show up at our concerts, send an encouraging text or post something on our Facebook page that lifts us up.


Our dedicated alumni are ready on a moments notice to fill in for a current member who is sick, or otherwise unable to travel. Most recently, several alumni have been currently serving as support staff to the team.


On occasion we call all the troops together and rally for a homecoming event.  These are very special times indeed!  At those moments I look into those faces and see the stories of growing faith, persevering through hard times and glorious spiritual victories.  As you can imagine it’s hard to get through a song without tears flowing!


And now … well we’ve been here long enough that we now have University Singer Grandbabies!  What a delight!


And so for all the days ahead of rehearsing, refining, polishing, packing, traveling, eating and singing at Cracker Barrels … we remember the folks who got us here … Our precious Alumni!


God Bless!

Mrs. Gail

Amy Evans * Andy Dixon *

Ashley (McGrath) Dodgens *

Austin Smith * Ben Harris *

Brittany (Molloseau) Tyndall *

Caleb Wilson * Cameron Tarrant *

Chris Peck * Colicus Jones * Emilie Cox *

Heather (Clifton) Haithcock *

Jacob Hall * Jacob Kuder * James Hare *

Jared Fricks * Joshua Fowler *

Kaitlin Mosley * Kayla Britton *

Kayleigh Bray * Lauren Schaupp*

Lauren Vaughen * Luke Blackburn *

Lyle Denton * Mary (Douglas) Jankowy * Melissa (Heck) Lumsden *

Michael Wooten * Nathan Day *

Noah Cromer * Paul Beasley *

Ruth Nicholson * Ryan Hendricks *

Ryan Kivett * Sarah Gray * Sarah Wald * Tanner Lambert * Tiffany Moore * Whitney Steele